PPK Warns of Chaos as Opposition Evaluates Impeachment


This is the second ousting threat the President faces in less than three months.

President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK) warned that a decision to remove him from office would destabilize the country, as informed by Bloomberg News.

Opposition lawmakers are considering sending a second impeachment motion to Congress this week, the news site explained.

A new impeachment attempt would create ‘tremendous chaos,’ Kuczynski said via Twitter on Monday. He added that there are no grounds for his ouster, and urged Congress to work with the government in the interests of the country”, said Bloomberg, adding that this is the second impeachment threat PPK faces in less than three months.

The Peruvian opposition is accusing him of lying to Congress over alleged ties to the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht.

Last Wednesday, former Odebrecht executive in Peru, Jorge Barata, said to prosecutors in Brazil that Kuczynski and other five politicians allegedly received money from the construction company. In the President’s case a sum of $300,000 US dollars, although he denies these allegations.

PPK wrote that day on his Twitter account that he has never received a donation from Barata for his campaigns, and that he was not in charge of finances in his failed 2011 presidential bid.

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