Prosecutor Jails Judge In Peru On Suspicion Of Corruption


The Peruvian police arrested judge Walter Ríos yesterday after several audio recordings implicated him in various acts of corruption and influence peddling.

According to information from Telesur, the Peruvian prosecution succeeded in capturing the judge at his home. He has also been suspended from his post.

“Prosecutor’s Office succeeded in capturing former president of the Superior Court of Callao, Walter Ríos, after the request for a preliminary arrest made by the Supreme Deputy Prosecutor for Internal Control, Jaime Velarde,” said the ministry’s Twitter account, cited by the aforementioned media.

The audios link the magistrate in several acts of corruption and influence peddling with other members of the National Council of the Magistracy and other judges.

The recordings were made public by the local media IDL-Reporters. They explained that they had received the material anonymously, which were the product of a telephone interception authorized by a court to investigate a criminal organization.

The incarceration was ordered by prosecutor Jaime Velarde who issued a preliminary judicial detention for 72 hours for searching properties and seizing anything that might serve as evidence of the crime.

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