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(Photo: Maria Alejandra Baraybar/Living in Peru)
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Camerino Caffé
Grau 701, Barranco, Tel. 5052492
Monday to Sunday: 9.00 – 21.00

Some restaurants could be memorable because of the menu, the creativity of the chef or the peculiar design. Camerino Caffé is an example of just that. With a classic and vintage style, it resembles an Italian coffee shop, very cozy and comfortable to read a book or a magazine without interruptions. Valeria Alzamora, the owner, explains that she and her husband used to visit many places around Peru and that they gather all the things they love for their coffee shop.

The Coppola (Photo: Maria Alejandra Baraybar/Living in Peru)

The name Camerino Caffé comes from the closeness to the Escena 7 theatre and the dishes are named after films and actors. Casablanca (S/ 18.00), for example, is compiled of the classic breakfast; an omelet with ham and French toast, plus a hot beverage and a natural juice. The list of sandwiches is short and nothing too out of the ordinary, some sandwiches presented were the Greta Garbo, S/ 12.00; with chicken, mayonnaise, olive oil and avocado , the Coppola, S/ 15.00 with Andean cheese, ham and mozzarella cheese, the De Niro, S/ 10.00; tomato and basil in Chapla bread (a traditional Andean bread). One of their unusual sandwiches is the Charles Bronson (S/14.00) with three kinds of cheese: mozzarella, Andean, and cream cheese.

The bread at Camerino Caffé is very special. It comes from a known bakery of Lima, and every sandwich you choose can be accompanied with a salad or cocktail potatoes. With bacon, caprese or chard, the most interesting between them is the caramelized onion and tomato confit quiche. Each one comes with a simple salad on the side, not enough to be a full lunch, but a good selection for a light meal. Something delightful about this 2-month-old coffee shop is that every day you will find one of the owners prepared to attend you and open to suggestions.

Taylor Salad (Photo: Maria Alejandra Baraybar/Living in Peru)

The salads are bigger and showy, beginning with the Valentino (S/ 18.00) it includes mushrooms, grilled chicken, avocado, hydroponic lettuce, and corn. The Anthony Quinn (S/ 15.00), contains cucumber, olives, avocado, and tomato, another salad on the list is the Taylor (S/ 18.00), with screwdriver noodles, olives, pepper, tomato, and basil. And to complete salad side of the menu is the Benigni Salad (S/ 15.00), and the classic caprese.

The lasagnas are the main options inside the international culinary menu. Though there are only two, they are still great options. The Errol Flynn (S/25.00), with meat, black mushroom sauce, tomatoes and fine herbs and the Zsa Zsa Gabor (S/ 23.00) a vegetarian alternative has fresh spinach, sauce, and ricotta cheese.

Cake and tea (Photo: Maria Alejandra Baraybar/Living in Peru)

The list of the dessert is more extensive. The variety includes a chocolate cake (S/ 15.00), filled with caramel and bathe in striped chocolate. A crème bruleé with berries, a carrot cake, a chocolate truffle, a classic brownie and an oatmeal cookie with pecans are various options that you can look at the front of the coffee shop. For the lovers of the sweet, they have also four toppings for any dessert: fudge, caramel, condensed milk, and berries.

In addition to the six types of coffees they offer (they use Lucaffe, an Italian product made with Peruvian coffee, for everyone) there is the option to add Nocciola coffee, made with hazelnuts to have a different experience. They also have delicious tea that look eye-catching. One is made with Andean herbals and the other has orange, berries, pineapple, mint and lemon grass. Ending the menu is their wine list, with a classic selection (only four available by the glass), Nymbus, and rainwater of the Amazonas.

Breakfast: S/ 15.00 – S/ 18.00

Coffees: S/. 4.00 – S/ 7.50

Sandwiches: S/ S/ 12.00 – S/ 15.00

Salads: S/. 15.00 – S/ 18.00



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