Rural Tour Huayllay Festival 2018 Hosts Nature and Adventure Lovers in Pasco


Are you a nature and adventure lover, and you want to try adventure sports? Then, Rural Tour Huayllay Festival 2018 is the ideal plan for your weekend.

The festival will be held on September 1st and 2nd in the esplanade of the stone forest of Huayllay. This place, one of the Peruvian natural wonders, is located 40 kilometers away from the city of Cerro de Pasco. District municipality will be in charge of the organization and logistics.

During the event tourists will have the opportunity to practice their favorite adventure sports, such as rock climbing, mountain biking, and trekking. On the other hand, a session of meditation with nature in the “Magnetic Center”, located on route N ° 1, is scheduled, with a special ceremony led by an expert in mystical studies, informed the Huayllay Major, Héctor Morales Toledo.

The representative also explained that the arrival of international tourists is anticipated, who will cross the diverse routes of the forest, alongside local visitors.

“We have set the goal that the people who attend this year’s touristic festival get to know more routes on the 6,815 hectares that constitute the forest of stones”, added Morales Toledo. Whimsical figures such as animals, people and others are drawn across the place. He argued that the nature scenario is ideal for those who love mystical, experiential and adventure tourism.

There are different routes to get to Huayllay: Lima-Cerro de Pasco-Huayllay; Lima-Huaral-Huayllay; and Lima-Canta-Huayllay.

Additionally, District municipality left some suggestions for tourists attending the festival: They should wear a coat at night, sun glasses, sunscreen, and carry bottled water to drink during the walk.

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