San Marcos Is The University With The Largest Number Of Careers In The Process Of Accreditation


The National University of San Marcos currently has the highest number of careers in the process of accreditation of quality standards in the country.

As informed Carolina Barrios Valdivia, president of the Board of Directors of the National Assessment System Accreditation and Certification of Educational Quality (Sineace), “San Marcos has just registered 173 careers in accreditation processes. Four have already achieved accreditation and 169 are in the evaluation stage“.

Barrios explained that, although this process is voluntary (except in the fields of Health, Education and Law), the accreditation seeks to install the culture of quality “as a practice of continuous evaluation and thus understand that evaluation helps the institution”.

“We know that evaluation is not always seen as an opportunity for improvement, but we are encouraging the change of this idea by explaining that it is not a punitive process, but necessary.”, said the president of the Board of Directors of Sineace.

She also explained to Andina News Agency that there are 34 standards that are measured and evaluated to achieve the long-awaited accreditation, which has four stages: awareness, self-evaluation (which works with quality committees that analyze and determine the aspects to be resolved), external evaluation and accreditation.

The accreditation has a validity of six years, time after which the process starts over again.

In order to accelerate the accreditation process, the president of the Board of Directors of Sineace is currently working with 10 international entities that carry out the same work.

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