The National University Of Arequipa Replaced Plastic Containers With Paper Bags And Glass Cups


The various food stalls located within the San Agustín National University of Arequipa (UNSA) replaced plastic and technopor containers with paper bags and glass cups when they met the measure that prohibits the use of plastic and other contaminating materials.

Andina News Agency made a tour of the various UNSA headquarters in the city of Arequipa and found that merchants no longer sell soft drinks in plastic bottles, nor food in dishes of technopor, only soft drinks are observed in glass containers, they explained.

Since August 13 the university staff supervises the food stalls to verify the compliance with the resolution that prohibits the use of plastics and technopor, which led to the owners of the kiosks to modify their food distribution practices.

“Elena Muñoz de Cáceres, host of a food stall, said she used to sell apple soda, purple corn chicha or passion fruit in plastic bottles, now she does it in glass cups and young people have to consume the drink in their premises”, informed Andina.

In addition, young people also urged their colleagues to replace the use of plastics by reusable glass or plastic containers and thus comply with the standard issued by the university authorities.

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