Summer is Coming: Detox Trends in Lima


It seems like the entire world has watched the impactful documentary film “What the Health”. If you haven’t, odds are one of your friends has tried talking you into it.

Several weeks ago Mr. Living in Peru and Living in Peru’s editor had a lively conversation about health, wellness, and diet. Our editor Hope had seen the documentary “What the Health” and knew it was right up Mr. Living in Peru’s alley. After watching the documentary the two took similar but different paths.

Hope, who had already been on a slow progression to an all plant-based diet decided to go completely vegan, while Mr. LiP applied another lesson from the film, eat consciously. Note: Taking small steps to a healthier lifestyle is advisable! If not, it is likely that you will fall back into old habits fast and hard. So if you are vegetarian, you could try out veganism, but if this is your first step, you could start by becoming aware of what you are putting in your body and how it makes you feel. 

To progress his steady but sure path towards eating more consciously, Mr. LiP decided to do a cleanse of his body. It seemed that the universe was aligning right in front of him; first the health talk, then the documentary and now a totally out of the blue comment from his friend about a green juice cleanse appeared.

Being the social person that he is, he easily found a company in Lima that offered a green juice cleanse that was simple and efficient; he is, after all, a very busy guy!

So what did he think? Well, best to hear it from him! Here is the Mr. LiP’s health journey, told by him:

“I decided to change my life for something healthier (without going crazy) to feel better about my lifestyle, the environment and set a good example for my sons. In the movie they say, if you want to change your life, take a good look at your diet, and if you believe that you can improve it, then do it. If you wish to lose some weight too (YES, please), my friend Anita told me, it all starts with a detox. I said ‘WHAT?!'”

“Yes, if you do a detox for your body, you’ll have a much better start for starting a healthier lifestyle. She recommended me a detox program from Green Press who is offering plans with delicious cold-pressed juices without any preservatives – 6 bottles a day + a bottle of almond milk.”

“In the past, I had to fast for 12-18 hours before a surgery and I remember it was hell. Also, many of friends told me how much they had suffered when trying to lose weight by not eating anything but healthy soups made from vegetables. I won’t say I was scared, but I must admit I was a little worried about failing my attempt to detox my body for 3 days. Nevertheless, I found the necessary courage and ordered online my juices to do the complete 3-day detox program.”

Getting Started

“The juices arrived the night before and I was impressed by the delivery service.  Not only did they send me text messages saying that they were on their way, but they also called to ensure I was home to receive my juices and store them correctly in the refrigerator.”
“I was excited and felt like a little boy on a mission, not only to lose weight but also improve my body and prepare myself for a better future for an improved lifestyle.  With the juices also arrives a short introduction to what is going to happen to your body throughout the detox, which could last up to 7 days. I wasn’t that brave when I started ;)”

The Plan- How to Detox

“The plan is set for you and you’ll have a 450 ml bottle of juice at 8 am10 am12 noon2 pm5 pm and 8 pm and if you feel hungry, you can drink the almond milk, which will make you feel less hungry. One juice tastes better than the other and each juice contains between 1-2 kilos of fruits and vegetables. On greenpress’ website,  you can see in detail which ingredients each juice consist of.”

According to the brochure and information on the website, the detox will help you:

 Detox your body
Improve your health
Regulate your weight (I lost 2.2 kilos during the three days)
Make you feel more energized
Improve your humor
Strengthen your immune system
Improve your digestion
Relax you and much more…
It is not advisable to drink alcohol and drinks with caffeine. Besides that, you can live a more or less normal life, as long as you get 7-9 hours of sleep.

So how did my detox go?

“Surprisingly enough, I had no problem drinking juices for three days. I never felt hungry and for two days I didn’t even have a need to drink my almond milk. Not because I didn’t like it, I just wasn’t hungry.”
“My body did complain from time to time, as I didn’t get the regular amount of fat, and calories, but it didn’t matter at the end, as I felt good when going to sleep and slept like a baby for 8-9 hours. By the end of the day, I occasionally did have a little headache but got over it after a good night of sleep.”
“I’m convinced I easily could have continued another 2-3 days, but now I know that for the next time. On day 4, I instead only drank homemade vegetable soup all day long (with some homemade Campesino bread), which made me happy, as I finally had something to chew on.”
“On day 5 I started to eat normally again, but I’ve cut down on meats and processed food and increased my appetite for meals with more vegetables and fruits.”

Final Thoughts

“No, I’m not going to go completely vegan, as there are too many things I enjoy from my existing world. I am, however, thinking more about what I’m feeding my body, and I’ve learned that even if you go vegan, you can have an enjoyable and healthy lifestyle (just ask our editor, Hope Ansanelli). It is not dangerous :).  Also, as you’ll probably know, the strongest animals in the world are all vegans…I hope this article has been helpful and that it’ll help you if you are considering a detox of some kind! I wish you a happy and healthy week! Best, Carsten.”

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A native of Long Island, New York, Hope joins our team after finishing up her two year Peace Corp's service working in community-based environmental resource management in northern Peru and Master's degree in Environmental Studies. Passionate about life and living it beyond limits, Hope loves to teach and practice Yoga, cook healthy home-made recipes and explore the world with her loved ones.