The Chavimochic Project Seeks To Turn Peru Into The World’s Leading Blueberry Exporter


The Chavimochic Project, which allows irrigation of the lands of the valleys of Chao, Virú, Moche and Chicama, in the La Libertad region, has allowed the cultivation of many agro-industrial products that have placed Peru among the main agro-exporting countries in the world, and one of those is the blueberry.

The projections for the blueberry campaign for the period 2018-2019 will allow the export of 76,000 tons, which are worth $600 million US dollars, according to the head of Agrarian Extension of the Chavimochic Project, Carlos Valverde, cited by Andina News Agency.

“Valverde indicated that during 2017 blueberry exports reached $281 million 415,111 US dollars, representing about 30 percent of total agricultural exports from the northern valleys”, the media informed.

The head of the Chavimochic Project also estimated that for the 2019-2020 period the blueberry shipments would reach 100,000 tons, which would generate a value of $800 million US dollars, and then in the following campaign (2020-2021) shipments would add 120,000 tons for $1,000 US million dollars.

These data confirm that blueberries would become the main agricultural export product in Peru, surpassing grapes, coffee and avocados. The blueberries would turn Peru into the world’s leading exporter of sweet and sour berry,” he said.

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