The Family Of The Spanish Woman Found In Peru Feels Helpless


Patricia Aguilar’s family said yesterday to the media that they have felt helpless during the year and a half that she had been missing in Peru, according to El País.

Since in Spain, where 19-year-old Patricia lived when she was caught by the leader of the Latin American sect Gnosis in Peru, Felix Steven Manrique, this kind of situations are not considered a crime, the family felt as if they had nowhere to go to for help.

Currently, according to information from El País, Patricia is staying at a victim protection program in Lima, with her one-month-old son. She was found in a malnourished state and her baby full of insect bites.

Noelia Bru, a friend of Patricia’s family said that only when they alerted the press about the situation the Peruvian justice decided to investigate. She also said that they haven’t been contacted yet by the Spanish government and the Peruvian consulate has offered them their “entire support”.

“The family asks that the government help them to expedite the procedures to take Patricia and the baby home and boost the collaboration between both countries”, wrote El País.

The media also explains that according to the family, in Spain the authorities insisted that Patricia had voluntarily escaped from home, in spite of having proof of allegedly being collected by Manrique, who was arrested last week in an anti-trafficking operation.

So far, Patricia’s father Alberto Aguilar hasn’t met with her daughter since she remains in Lima while receiving medical and psychological care. Next to her are the two other victims and their four children who are also receiving medical attention.

“According to the family’s version, Patricia was caught by Manrique on the Internet when she was a minor. The young woman was looking for a dream interpretation on a website dedicated to esoteric subjects and the suspect convinced her to leave her family and meet with him when she came of age”, you can read in El País.

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