The National Health Institute In Peru Is Developing A Software To Measure Height With A Smartphone or Tablet


Just by taking a full body picture with your smartphone or tablet, Peruvians will be able to measure precisely how tall they are.

This will be possible thanks to software the National Health Institute in Peru (INS) is developing alongside the National Center for Food and Nutrition and will be ready in two years.

Paula Espinoza Oriundo, a researcher from INS told Andina News Agency that today the height is measured manually with a device called “tallímetro” and requires of “highly-qualified” personnel to do.

“The idea is to replace the actual method”, she told the news agency.

Espinoza also mentioned that the study to develop the software was financed with 400,000 soles from Concytec.

They are expecting to develop very precise software with no more than 0.3 millimeters of error.

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