“The Rock” Was Officially Invited To Visit Perú


Actor Dwayne Jhonson, known as “The Rock” received an official invitation from the Peruvian government to visit Peru with his family.

The invitation was made during an interview with by Maykoll Calderón, a Peruvian expert in film, because, according to him, The Rock always told him that he would like to travel to the Inca country someday, informed Andina News Agency.

The actor received a written official invitation from the government of Peru which said that he could choose any date and place he would like to visit. Jhonson, impressed by the offer, said that he will visit with his family.

“I would like to thank the Peruvian government and the people who supported me over the years. Thank you very much”, said the actor when receiving the certified invitation.

The interview and invitation took place during the promotional tour of the new film “Skyscraper: Rescue in the Heights”, where Jhonson stars and that was produced in the city of Hong Kong.

This film will be released in Peru on Thursday, July 19 and Jhonson plays a former leader of the FBI hostage rescue team who evaluates the security of the skyscrapers in the Asian city.

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