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Introducing the highly popular travel lifestyle bloggers Katie and Ben also known as”The Two Wandering Soles”; a couple who have traveled the world and made a name for themselves while doing so.

Let’s begin our travel journey with them! First stop Lima, then Ica, Cusco, Machu Picchu, Arequipa and finally, the Colca Canyon.

El Parque del Amor Love Park Lima Peru. It is called the “Park of Love” For Some Reason. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

This was my second time in the capital city of Peru, so I attempted to show Ben around to my favorite parts via my memory.

One thing you should know about me and directions: I don’t do street names very well. I am better off with landmarks and better yet, feelings.

Yes, you read that right. Sometimes I just feel like something is 3 blocks to the right.

Well, my sense of direction didn’t work out so well in Lima. Yes, I was able to find the “Park of Love” and the seaside mall in Miraflores, but I was not able to find my absolute favorite thing in Lima – an amazing empanada stand that I have dreamt of ever since tasting that heavenly little pocket of goodness nearly two years ago.

After two hours of putting up with my, “I just feel like it’s this way!” Ben and I finally decided to call it quits. (Bless his patient heart!)

We ended up settling on two dodgy, half-warm empanadas from a supermarket. Not a good choice, I would find out the next day while I was stuck in bed with food poisoning.

The Seaside Shopping Mall “Larcomar” You Can Reach By Walking The Malecon (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
The Malecon Parks Along The Pacific Ocean (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

One of the highlights of our time in Lima was going to dinner with Cesar – my friend’s boyfriend, who I met when I was last in Peru.

Cesar took us to an incredible buffet. Now, this was nothing like the endless metal trays of frozen foods defrosted and kept warm under heat lamps featured at buffets all across America.

No, this high-end restaurant served all sorts of fresh and traditional Peruvian dishes such as Ceviche, Lomo Saltado (cooked to order right in front of us), Rocoto Relleno (spicy stuffed pepper), and Chicha Morada (a traditional drink made from purple corn) to name a few.

Dinner With A Friend Lima, Peru
A Few Peruvian Delicacies

After being stuffed well past our limit, Cesar drove us around, showing us Lima by night. Being shown around by a local is the best way to see a city.

Where to Stay in Lima: Pariwana Hostel Lima – With nice beds, free breakfast and walking distance to the heart of Miraflores, this was one of our favorite stays in Peru.

They also have a killer bar with fun theme nights, like Lipstick Night: anyone wearing lipstick gets a free drink! And after a little coercing I was able to even get Ben to wear some!

Originally published on their blog “Two Wandering Soles”.

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