Vizcarra Will Explain Peru’s Internal Situation In The UN


Next week, President Martín Vizcarra will speak on the internal political situation of Peru in the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), especially the use of a legal instrument that would allow for him to close the Congress.

This, according to information from Debate, “is a mechanism established in the Constitution to accelerate political reforms and administration of justice in his crusade against corruption that plagues the country”, they wrote.

Vizcarra chose of explaining the country’s situation is opposed by the opposition party Fuerza Popular, which leads the Parliament. Luz Salgado, an important legislator of that group, said shortly before the Congress authorized Vizcarra’s trip: “the president has to be careful when addressing the UN, because we solve internal problems here,” you can read in Debate.

Today the ministerial cabinet will request in Congress the constitutional mechanism of “confidence”. If it is denied for the second time, the President could close the legislative body using its powers established in articles 133 and 134 of the Constitution.

Vizcarra seeks to submit to popular consultation in December his proposals to prohibit the reelection of parliamentarians, regulate private funding for political campaigns, create a new way to choose the council of electors of key authorities and propose the return to a bicameral Congress. Recent surveys show that Vizcarra’s initiatives are highly supported and have boosted his popularity.

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