7 Reasons To Visit Peru On Your Next Vacations


Whether you like new adventures or are crazy about learning the history of every place you visit, Peru has what you are looking for on your next vacation.

“For history, landscapes or its people, the South American country continues to summon thousands of foreigners who come to the Machu Picchu year after year, even though they discover a destination that goes far beyond the old Inca city”, you can read in Conocedores, who shared a list of seven reasons to visit Peru:


Peru’s more than 10 thousand years of history are reflected in the hundreds of archaeological sites, ancestral and pre-Columbian ruins.


This country has mountains, deserts, beaches, forests, jungles, and much more!

3.Cultural diversity

Due to its long history, the country stands out for its multicultural wealth full of traditions. Each of them is differentiated by its own characteristics: customs, costumes, food, gastronomy and social life.

4.A wide range of attractions

By having a diverse geography, the country offers a wide range of attractions, such as historical places, cultural experiences, gastronomy, and social life.

5.Abundant natural diversity

Peru’s rich diversity allows tourists to visit the snow of the Andes, and enjoy sandboarding in the Huacachina desert, for instance.


It’s no secret that Peruvian dishes and flavors give the country a unique identity that has been recognized worldwide and has earned a multiplicity of awards and honors.

7.Warmth and friendliness of its people

The Peruvian people make kindness their letter of introduction. Many proudly preserve the roots of their ancestors, so that any conversation is an interesting learning experience about the history of the country and its people.

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