Cusco Hopes To End 2018 With 3.5 Million Tourists


The Cusco region plans to receive around 3.5 million domestic and foreign tourists this year, according to the statistics registered so far, informed the Regional Directorate of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Dircetur) Cusco to Andina News Agency.

Rosendo Baca Palomino, director of the Dircetur, informed the aforementioned agency that from January to July of this year, 1 million 716,000 visitors entered Cusco.

He also explained that there is a sustained growth of around 10%, and in July it amounted to 11.1%.

“All the efforts that have been made as a country agenda and very often from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur) make our estimate that we will probably close the year with more than 3 million 400,000 tourists. That is the goal”, said Baca to Andina.

Most of the tourists that arrive in Cusco come by the land routes Lima-Abancay-Cusco and Arequipa-Cusco and Puno Cusco, and the majority of them are Latin Americans.

“While by air arrive mostly American, European, Asian, among others”, the Agency explained.

Another interesting fact is that tourists plan with anticipation of their visit to Cusco. For this reason, Baca said that the current tourists come mostly from last year’s efforts.

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