Anthropology Professor Will Research The Sicán People In Peru


An anthropology professor from Southern Illinois University (SIU), Izumi Shimada, received a grant to research kinship and relationships in the Sicán civilization of ancient Peru.

“This is the question that Anthropology professor, Izumi Shimada, and his team seek to answer with their research on the north coast of what is now Peru”, wrote the SIU website this week.

According to this information, impressive monuments from the past often tell something about the power and prestige of the people who built them. Taking this into consideration, Shimada and his team will research the 1,000-year old Sicán capital, in the hopes of discovering more about how familial and interpersonal relationships impacted the Sicáns’ beliefs and rituals.

The research consists of excavations of burial places and the analysis of skeletons, ceramic, metal and funerary objects.

“In support of this study, Shimada recently received a $213,517 grant from the National Science Foundation. This funding will allow the team to continue their research and analysis of the region, along with integrating their work into a data collection system that will assist researchers for years to come”, SIU said.

Shimada began his archaeological project in Sicán in 1978 and has received other grants in the past to do excavations in the Huaca Lora temple mound. His study has resulted so far in 150 journal articles and book chapters, in collaboration with other experts in the field. “In addition, he has written or edited 11 books, sharing his research and knowledge with the Peruvian culture and the world”, informed SIU.

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