Antonio Banderas Says He Is In Love With Peru


The actor and businessman Antonio Banderas has declared himself in love with Peru and invites actors and singers of the country to join Vibuk, the social network for artists finding work, which he has been directing for a year.

“Banderas, in a video recorded together with the representative of Vibuk in Peru, Ugo Mantero, on the occasion of the balance he made of his first year as a partner and image of this project, highlighted his love for the gastronomy, landscapes and culture of this country”, informed Andina News Agency.

Since January 2018, Peru is the fifth country in the world by unique users in Vibuk, right after Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia. This social network is also referred to as “the Linkedin of artistic talent” because it aims to provide casting agencies, representatives, producers and individuals the search, selection and promotion of all types of artistic, professional and amateur profiles.

Vibuk currently has organic users from more than 50 countries around the world, and since Banderas joined the project in September 2017, the figure has increased from 125,000 to more than 400,000.

As for Vibuk’s growth plans, Banderas said that they have many ideas going on. Andina said also that Vibuk is not only aimed at professional producers but also aims to open a new market of new artistic scenarios that can be filled, such as the living room of a home, the hall of an office or a shopping center.

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