Social Network for Artists Arrives in Peru


With 60 Soles per year artists can open a Vibuk account and access jobs more easily.

Vibuk is like the LinkedIn for talented artists. It is a new social network that seeks to connect thousands of people related to industries such as music, performance, acting, dancing, and more and it is now available in Peru.

If you’re someone that wishes to participate in theater productions, movies, or if you’re looking for a job as an artist, all you need to do is sign up to Vibuk.

“This platform of Spanish origins has 60 search criteria for the producers and/or representatives to find more easily any kind of artistic profile, whether it is professionals or amateurs”, explained Gestión.

Vibuk is a startup that was founded two years ago and has already more than 230,000 users. “It seeks to give visibility to the invisible talent”, Gestión says, referring to those who don’t have the opportunity to find a representative to access jobs.

Actor Antonio Banderas is one of the promoters of this new social network for artists and he will be visiting Peru this year for this purpose. He will also be traveling to Colombia, Argentina, and Brazil.

Vibuk is supported mainly from investments but also from advertisements and Premium accounts that search for more visibility in the platform. “In Spain, the annual cost is of 24 Euros”, Gestión explains, “there are also 60 Euros and 350 Euros accounts”, they continue.

In Peru, a Basic Premium account costs 60 Soles per year. Other accounts cost 60, 240, and 1,200 Soles annually, respectively.

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