Backpacking Tourists Are The Ones Who Repeat the Most Trips to Peru


The National Tourism Chamber hopes that the construction of the Chinchero airport will bring more tourists to the country.

On the eve of the XIV National Tourism Congress “Tourism Vision Towards 2035” to take place on February 27, Fredy Gamarra, president of the National Tourism Chamber spoke with Gestión about the upcoming challenges the sector has this year.

One of those is the Chinchero airport that Gamarra hopes for it to be active by 2035. “It will allow the decentralization of tourist arrivals since they will have the option to arrive directly to the southern regions of the country.

“We estimate that from four million tourists we can get to eleven million by 2035”, the president of the National Tourism Chamber hopes.

Regarding the tourists that come more to Peru, Gamarra says that it is the backpackers, especially those that come from far away.

Among some of the events that have increased tourism so far this year is the Dakar Rally and the visit of Pope Francis. Also, very soon the Summit of the Americas will be taking place, and with it a boost in tourism, he expects.

As to the XIV National Tourism Congress “Tourism Vision Towards 2035”, the main subject will be Peru’s vision of tourism, which will be discussed in three parts: A virtual section which will be a document that’s being elaborated to receive contributions and comments; four presentations; and workshops.

The topics will be divided into: Peru as a destiny; enterprises; human capital; connectivity; sustainable development; innovation; promotion and commercialization.

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