How Can Peruvian Fashion Brands Be Sustainable?

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What kind of future do we want for our footwear? Peru’s Association of Sustainable Fashion is setting an example for clothing brands all around the world.

The world of sustainable Peruvian fashion is probably less talked about than it should be.  Aleteia informs that there are so far 75 Peruvian fashion brands that are part of Peru’s Association of Sustainable Fashion.

These brands seek the least environmentally and socially harmful alternatives for their clothing, footwear, jewelry, and accessories.  From biodegradable garments (La Petit Morte) and working with indigenous communities (K’hantu) to turning recycled plastic bottles into blankets for children (Khana), the article shows what sustainable fashion looks like in the real world.

There’s even a pineapple flavored suitcase involved…

Another example of working directly with artisans in local communities comes from Ankura brand.  Ten families are directly employed to craft Shipibo style bracelets in the Peruvian Amazon.

Finally, an article from Vogue shows us how alpaca wool is not only an environmentally friendly alternative but also an economic opportunity for Andean women.

Is the world of sustainable Peruvian fashion opportunities being overlooked?  Let us know what you think here at Living in Peru.



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