Carlos Vives Leaves $16 Million US Dollars In Peru


Peru’s Minister of Culture, Rogers Valencia, announced that the economic impact generated by the video clip of the song “Mañana” by Colombian singer Carlos Vives, which was part of a touristic promotion campaign in Lima, has generated so far $16 million US dollars.

“The effects are appreciated, they are valued, the investment was of less than $500,000 US dollars, at this moment we have estimated that the impact of that investment amounts to $16 million US dollars as utility and positive impact for Peru,” he said, according to Notimérica.

In addition, Promperú’s communications director, Isabela Falco, told RPP Noticias in an interview that they have estimated that for every one million views the video receives, 80 people come to Peru for tourism.

“If this is so, the calculation is that in a first year we have 350 million views, that means 28,000 tourists who come to Peru only for that video, and if each one invests about $600 US dollars, it means an economic impact on our industry of almost $16 million US dollars,” said Falco.

Valencia also revealed that more artists will be recording music videos soon in Peru, but has not revealed their names yet.

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