Tours Near Lima: The Best Plans For A Long Weekend


Many holidays give you the chance to have a long weekend. If you don’t want to stay at home and visit some tourist attractions near Lima, El Comercio listed some economical options. Check the list to enjoy a new adventure.

  1. Discovering Cordillera La Viuda: Usually, it includes transportation from Lima. Hikes, boat rides and appreciating beautiful lagoons are some of the experiences you can have with a “full day” plan.
  2. Visiting Lunahuaná: Take a walk and enjoy the history with a city tour through Lunahuaná. In this town, you can also taste wines and piscos, produced by local entrepreneurs. Most plans include transportation from Lima.
  3. A special day in Callao’s Islands: On the sea, life is better, but in Callao’s Islands you can upgrade to the next level. Here you can enjoy a unique experience: swimming with sea lions.
  4. Relax in Eco Truly Park: This plan combines walks through the nearby beaches and visits to Chancay Castle and the Eco Truly Park farm. It includes transfers from Huaral.
  5. Connect with Nature in Lomas de la Chay: If you’re looking for a calm and revitalizing plan, Lomas de la Chay is a better option for you. This place located near Lima offers the opportunity to be in contact with local flora and fauna.
  6. Splashing in Songos: A natural attraction that will let you have lots of fun. You can slide on a natural stone slide more than 10 meters high. Most plans include transportation from Lima.
(Cover photo Eco Truly Park)

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