Director Of The Peruvian Soccer Federation Wishes For Gareca To Stay


Juan Carlos Oblitas, sports director of the Peruvian Soccer Federation (FPF), expressed his intention to renew the contract of Ricardo Gareca for another qualifying round.

“Ricardo Gareca’s situation is simple. I have a meeting with him here tomorrow. I have been talking to him for a long time. The priority of Ricardo is Peru”, Oblitas said at a massive press conference that lasted more than an hour, according to El Comercio.

He also explained that the “Flaco” (Ricardo Gareca) is very aware of the whole context in which Edwin Oviedo, president of the Peruvian Football Federation, is implicated in cases of corruption based on audios broadcasted recently by IDL-Reporteros.

The sports director of the FPF said that Gareca is aware of everything that is happening regarding soccer in Peru. “He has all the information, but it is better if we talk about it here. First we will sit down to talk about the sporting and then administrative part. I hope with all my heart that he stays,” said Juan Carlos Oblitas.

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