Ricardo Gareca Evaluates Peru’s Performance In The World Cup


Ricardo Gareca, technical director of the Peruvian national soccer team that made it to and participated in the 2018 FIFA World Cup In Russia, gave a press conference about his experience training the team.

According to information from La Nación, Gareca said to the audience that he is currently “free” and that he would be very happy to be considered as the coach of the Argentinian national soccer team.

Nevertheless, he said he would take some time off to evaluate what his best move for his professional career would be. “To be named for a team as renowned as Argentina is always gratifying”, he told the media.

As for Peru’s performance in the world cup after a 36-year absence, he believes that the expectations were not met and that they received a “hard punch, generally speaking”. Gareca said that they were not planning on being eliminated in the first round of the competition.

The team’s coach also said that Peru left the World Cup with its head up high. “Both against Denmark and France we had possession of the ball”, he informed. “Nevertheless, we believe that even if our results didn’t come up as we expected them to, we tried to respect a way of playing and we delivered everything we had in the field”, he continued.

When asked about a possible proposal for four more years to coach the Peruvian team he said that he would have to evaluate the offer and think it thoroughly.

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