Drones For Transporting People And Organs Will Be Available In Two Years


The European Union has had legislative initiatives that seek to regulate the use of drones and add new uses, such as taxis or package distributors. In Peru, the drone-fever is not a secret too.

“In our country, there have been legislative initiatives that seek to regulate the use of drones but that have not been disseminated in the same way as the spread of the use of these aircraft without pilots”, said El Comercio. “Very different from what has been happening in the old continent, where in March of this year a plan was presented for the development of the civil sector of drones in Spain and where the countries of the European Union try to establish a common standard”, they continued.

The plan in Europe also contemplates that drones serve as air taxis and distribute packages at heights of less than 120 meters. Companies like Amazon and Uber are already looking into this.

Although we do not have all the rules as in Spain, Peru is no stranger to the drone fever. This new visual technology has also been used in our country to reduce pollution, as well as to prevent deforestation”, the aforementioned media said, adding that this new technology has made evident the reality of illegal mining.

Today, thanks to the support of drone overflights, many people have been working on planting forests in those places where illegal mining was taking place.

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