Guerrero’s Provisional Suspension Extended 20 days


According to an FPF spokesman, Guerrero’s suspension will last not 10 but 20 days.

Yesterday we reported that the final decision about will be announced this coming weekend.

Due to this, Paolo Guerrero will not play in the final of the Copa Sudamericana 2017. Originally, there was some hope in his club team Flamengo after learning that FIFA had extended the penalty for only 10 days. But, after this announcement, their view has changed.

It is likely that the official FIFA sanction on the Paolo Guerrero case will be known this weekend. According to his lawyers, there is a reason for optimism, taking into account that he did not consume the substance on purpose. For this reason, the player, his lawyers, and the FPF expect that the punishment will not be longer than six months. Most important for Peruvians, Guerrero will be able to play the Russia 2018 World Cup.

In the trial that took place in Zurich on November 30, Guerrero and his lawyers presented all the evidence and demonstrated to FIFA that the Peruvian did not use cocaine. According to his nutritionist, Paolo Guerrero drank a tea contaminated with coca leaf. Now we just have to wait for the verdict of the most important entity in the world of football.

In the worst case scenario, who could replace Paolo in the World Cup?

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