Peruvian Team’s Nutritionist Talks About Paolo’s Prescription


The headline that had the whole country upside down finally explained.

The suspension of Paolo Guerrero for adverse results in an anti-doping test was certainly the worst sport’s news the county had seen all year. The defense of the player, however, remains hopeful. Although FIFA certified Paolo’s suspension, the player is still able to prove his innocence.

Paolo Guerrero’s nutristionist shared important information regarding Paolo’s prescription.

The tea he drank to treat his flu would be subject to cross-contamination and would have generated the metabolite benzoylecgonine (the cocaine metabolite used to produce analgesics)  in the player’s urine. The defense of Guerrero has not yet made any official announcement. It is important to highlight that the player did not consume any drugs and that he did not know that the tea contained the metabolite mentioned.

Paolo Guerrero and his lawyers must give FIFA a written defense. The trial will take place this coming 30th of November, in Zurich, Switzerland. The player is sure that the resolution of the case will be favorable and will continue with his professional career as he had been doing. He is expected to resume training with Flamengo on Monday.

Is this it for Paolo? Will he continue to play or will this mark the end of his career as a footballer?

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