How Much Money Do Millennials Make In Peru?


There are almost 8 million millennials in Peru, and they are the generation that is seeking jobs the most.

According to an analysis conducted by Aptitus, it is possible to know in which areas are millennials working in, what positions are they occupying, and what is their average salary.

Joseph Zumaeta, manager of this firm, said that the goal of this generation is to achieve the ideal job and that is the reason why they apply for jobs, even if they are already employed.

“According to Aptitus, millennials are the generation that most seeks or postulates a job with 71%, followed by the generation X (24%), the baby boomers (4%) and the generation Z (1%)”, you can read in El Comercio.

The data that Aptitus obtained shows that 84% of millennials have an average salary equal or less than 2,500 Soles, 11.7% of them gain from 2,501 to 5,000 Soles, and 4.3% 5,001 Soles or more.

In addition, it was known that most of them hold positions as analysts, executives, and assistants. “Likewise, 25.8% work as technicians or in operational positions, 12.7% as heads and supervisors and 18.3% as interns”, El Comercio added.

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