40m2 Apartments for Millennials Are Trending in Peru


Downtown districts where there is urban life are very much sought after.

According to the Association of Real Estate Developers of Peru (ADI Peru), the sale of apartments for this year could expand by 20%, according to a research done by El Comercio.

Just during the first month of 2018, the real estate sector experienced a growth of 13.92%, which brings optimism for a recovery of the housing business in Peru.

“This advance was achieved due to the sale of social housing, following the government’s impulse in programs such as Techo Propio y Mivivienda. The Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation reported that last January, up to 480 social housing units were sold”, wrote El Comercio.

The actual trend in real estate is of smaller apartments. “People try to move around less, due to the problems of Lima in transportation and lack of infrastructure, which will not be solved in the short term”, said El Comercio.

For millennials, the location is very important when it comes to choosing a place to live. Downtown districts where there is urban life, and, in addition, connectivity, are things that are very much sought after.

The current trend is of spaces between 40 and 45 square meters with an integrated kitchen, living / dining room, and bedroom. “We are talking about people who still do not have a family, with access to credit.”, wrote El Comercio.

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