Keiko Fujimori Is Sent Back To Jail


The opposition leader in Peru, Keiko Fujimori has been sent back to jail and the judge in charge of the case said she could be serving up to three years as a preventive measure while her investigation is carried on.

“Judge Richard Concepcíon Carhuancho ruled Fujimori, 43, who was put in police custody for a week this (last) month, should return to jail to keep her from fleeing before a trial for allegedly running a money laundering racket within her party, Fuerza Popular”, said the Guardian.

Fujimori, daughter of former President Alberto Fujimori, denied taking $1.2 million US dollars from the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht in her 2011 election campaign for Head of State.

According to her lawyers, informed the aforementioned media, “she is a victim of political persecution”.

“A series of leaks and journalistic investigations have chipped away at her credibility, revealing links with the cuellos blancos, a group of corrupt judges and prosecutors led by supreme court judge César Hinostroza, who fled to Spain last month”, informed The Guardian.

In a ruling that lasted more than eight hours, Judge Concepcion said that he has noticed attempts to destroy the prosecution’s investigation and that he suspects there is a criminal organization trying to interfere with the justice system.

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