Keiko Fujimori Could Be Sentenced To 16 Years In Prison


The Peruvian prosecutor José Domingo Pérez, in charge of taking the case against Keiko Fujimori, said yesterday that, if there is a process and an eventual conviction to her for the crime of money laundering in an aggravated manner, a penalty would be between 13 and 16 years of prison.

She is being accused of acts of conversion, concealment of assets of illicit origin originated from illicit funds of acts of corruption of the Odebrecht company,” Pérez said, according to Telesur.

The prosecutor explained that the criminal law establishes for this type of crime a sentence not less than ten years and not greater than 20, for which Fujimori would be serving a third of the sentence, that is, 13 years and four months to 16 years and six months.

“Fujimori is being investigated for allegedly receiving money illegally from the Odebrecht company to finance her presidential campaign in 2011, which means an asset laundering for the Office of the Prosecutor”, Telesur informed.

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