Keiko Fujimori Accepts Dialogue With President Vizcarra


Keiko Fujimori agreed yesterday to a dialogue with Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra without any conditions and wherever she is while the prosecution continues their investigation for money laundering.

“In a message posted on Twitter, Fujimori proposed a ‘national reunion’ to learn that Vizcarra reaffirmed his willingness to dialogue with the opposition during a meeting held yesterday with the Foreign Press Association in Peru (APEP)”, El Universal reported.

Fujimori said to the media that a dialogue is what people deserve from their authorities and she is willing to meet with the President at any given moment.

Vizcarra recalled that the proposal for dialogue came from his government from the first day he took office, but regretted that Keiko Fujimori opened to it ‘seven months later’”, the aforementioned media said.

The Peruvian president criticized that Fujimori has treated him “harshly” since he proposed a series of political and judicial reforms to eliminate corruption, subject to a referendum after a large network of influence peddling was revealed, favors and corruption in the judiciary.

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