La Niña Weather Phenomenon Could Benefit Peru’s Fruit Production


Gabriel Amaro, executive director of the Association of Agricultural Producer’s Organizations (AGAP) told recently El Comercio that a mild La Niña weather phenomenon could impact positively Peru’s fruit exportation.

La Niña consists of a mild drop in the sea temperature, of about 1 and 2 degrees Celsius. Nevertheless, if the effects are more extreme, says Amaro, the outcome “will not be good for anyone”.

Nevertheless, El Niño phenomenon has an opposite impact on fruit production in Peru. Last year, for example, table grape exports fell 9.1% between January and November as a result of this weather condition. Banana exports also diminished by 1.2%, explains Fruitnet.

Some other products were impacted positively in 2017, such as blueberries, mangoes, and avocados. According to AGAP, the volume of these fruits shipped between January and November 2017 rose by 54.1%, 15.8%, and 27.2% respectively.

El Niño weather phenomenon is related to a warming of the Pacific Ocean that occurs in cycles of three to eight years. This event has serious impacts t the Tropical region of our planet due to intense rains. The phase of cooling down after El Niño is called La Niña.

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