LIMA Is The First Store That Brings Together Sustainable Brands In Peru


LIMA is the first store in the country that brings together brands that aim for sustainability in different industries, certified by the Sustainable Fashion Association of Peru (AMSP).

According to information published in El Comercio, the fashion industry is the most polluting in the world, after the oil sector. “Annually, 20% of water pollution is attributed to the textile industry, as well as 10% of carbon emissions in the world”, they explained.

This is why many companies today wish to change that, by incorporating sustainability production models into their production. This way they commit to the environment.

In LIMA “you will find more than 20 brands involved in the fashion world, accessories, jewelry, personal care, decoration and others”, El Comercio said.

Some of these brands are CANDOR, a jewelry company designed from reused wood, organic textiles and silver from FairTrade; Philomena, which manufactures garments rescuing ancestral techniques of weaving and manual work; Ninia, a project that works in the design and production of jewelry, cups and crockery in prisons; and Shiwi, a company dedicated to the product trade from protected areas of Peru.

This store is not just for selling, it is meant to also educate (…) educate the client to realize that the planet has limited resources, that we have to buy according to what we need, and that we have to know the stories behind what we are buying,” said Miguel Burriel Lobo, general manager of LIMA, to El Comercio.

LIMA Sustainable Concept Store is located in the Zona Barrio of the C.C. Jockey Plaza.

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