“Alpaca del Perú” Brand Designs Outstand In New York


The renowned department store Bergdorf Goodman of New York, considered as “The Fashion Cathedral” of the world, will have for three weeks a selection of garments made by five Peruvian designers and made with fine alpaca fiber in a specially conditioned environment called “Passport to Peru”.

The starting point was the visit of the experts from Bergdorf Goodman to Peru during the last edition of Peru Moda, with the aim of getting to know our designers and their proposals”, explained Perú 21. After this meeting, the designers Meche Correa, Alessandra Petersen and the brands Ayni, Escudo and Anntarah from Arequipa were selected to be part of “Passport To Peru”, a space in which the collections will be sold through the different platforms of the New York firm.

“It is an honor to represent Peru wearing one of our finest national treasures: the fiber of the alpaca”, said designer Meche Correa. “The beauty, delicacy and elegance of our models will open new paths to the Peruvian design offer”, she continued.

For her part, Adriana Cachay, co-founder of Ayni, acknowledged that in recent years it has been a great challenge to make Peruvian fiber a profitable and socially responsible business. “Being at Bergdorf Goodman is proof that hard work and daily perseverance are worth every sweat drop, tear and needle. We hope that our story will inspire other Peruvian designers to dream big,” she added.

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