Mass Held With Young People in Trujillo (VIDEO)


Dozens of young people attended the first Mass with the members of the Youth Guard of Pope Francis in Trujillo. They will protect the Holy Father during his activities.

Only 11 days before the arrival of Pope Francis in Peru; details have already been finalized for the Supreme Pontiffs from January 18 to 21, 2018.

On January 21, the Holy Father will offer mass, so the delivery of more than 1 million tickets for the massive event that will take place at the Las Palmas Air Base has begun. However, the Pope also has a series of activities in Trujillo and Puerto Maldonado, cities in which the party atmosphere is already in the air, for the arrival of the highest authority of the Catholic Church.

The enthusiasm for the arrival of the Holy Father to Trujillo is already felt in all the citizens in the North Country. Thus, this morning, thousands of volunteers from Trujillo and various cities of northern Peru, gathered in the city to participate in a Mass in honor of Pope Francis.

The ceremony was presided by the Archbishop of Trujillo, Miguel Cabrejos, who asked the young people to maintain the order during the Pope’s visit to Trujillo on January 20. In total 18 thousand young people have registered for the ‘Guardia del Papa’. Thus, they received a blessing prior to the work they do this January 20.

At the ceremony it was mentioned that from Friday, January 19, a group of young people will go to the Esplanade of Huanchaco, where they will spend the night waiting for the arrival of Pope Francisco.

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