How Many Tourists Could Arrive in Peru for Pope Francis’ Visit?


Tibisay Monsalve, the general manager of the Hotel Society of Peru, projected that Peru could receive more than 1 million foreign tourists to see Pope Francis.

It is only 2 weeks left before Pope Francis’ visit from January 18 to 21. It is important to recall that at least 1.2 million foreign travelers arrived in Colombia due to Pope Francis’ visit in 2017, and Peru could receive a similar number of tourists because the Pope attracts a lot of people from countries nearby.

Monsalve also noted that hotels are ready to serve foreign travelers for the visit of the Supreme Pontiff to Peru; as well as the 2018 Dakar Rally, which starts in Peru and ends in Argentina.

The Dakar Rally starts in Lima on January 6 and will travel through Pisco, San Juan de Marcona, Arequipa, and Puno, before continuing to Bolivia and Argentina.

The realization of both events this month will be a boost for the hospitality industry because January is usually a month of low occupancy.

Do you know anyone coming to Peru for Pope Francis’ visit?

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