Mercedes Aráoz: “Maduro’s Entry Will Be Prohibited”


The Peruvian government will not allow the entry of Venezuela’s president, Nicolás Maduro, informed the leader of the Council of Ministers, Mercedes Aráoz.

“Neither the Peruvian soil, nor the Peruvian sea, nor the Peruvian air can be invaded by a foreign force. Maduro has to understand that in Peru we do not want to receive him”, Aráoz said, according to La República.

Her statement was made after Maduro’s declarations regarding the upcoming VIII Summit of the Americas, to take place on April 13 and 14, in which he said that he would be arriving in Peru, even if the government doesn’t want him there.

This is a shared decision by the Lima Group (Grupo de Lima) and it is a state policy”, the president of the Council of Ministers said, adding that it is also Pedro Pablo Kuczynski’s wishes.

Hours before, the Venezuelan president had assured that he would be arriving in Peru “by air, land or sea”, no matter what.

“You don’t want to see me in Lima? You will see me there. I will arrive at the Summit of the Americas with the truth of Simón Bolívar’s and Antonio José de Sucre’s homeland”, he said according to La República. “Venezuela’s truth will arrive to the Summit of the Americas. Why are you scared of me? Let’s meet. I am not afraid of you”, he added.

Aráoz considered that Maduro’s reaction was aggressive, and Oscar Vidarte Arévalo, an expert on international relations, believes that the president of Venezuela is taking advantage of the fact that he hasn’t been formally uninvited.

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