Maduro Is No Longer Welcome to the Summit of the Americas in Peru


President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK) said on Tuesday that his government has decided that Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro is not welcome to the VIII Summit of the Americas.

He is not longer welcome”, wrote El Comercio, referring to PPK’s comments on this topic last night through his Twitter account.

The Chief of State referenced the Grupo de Lima (Group of Lima) who held a meeting yesterday to discuss the new dates for the early presidential elections in Venezuela, to be held on April 22.

“Considering the current situation in Venezuela, my government has decided that president Nicolás Maduro’s presence in the VII Summit of the Americas is no longer welcome. This decision counts with the backup of the Grupo de Lima and is sustained in the Quebec Declaration of 2001”, PPK said on Twitter.

Kuczynski had said last week that Maduro was welcome to Peru but that “we will see how the Venezuelans in Peru receive him”. Nevertheless, these new comments support the decision made by Grupo de Lima on Tuesday.

“It is an insurmountable obstacle for his participation in the Summits of the Americas process”, Peru’s president said to El Comercio explaining that the Quebec Declaration says that any alteration or unconstitutional rupture in a democratic state is enough reason to remove a participation in the Summit of the Americas.

The upcoming Summit of the Americas that will take place in Lima between April 12 and 14 and Kuczynski considers that it will be a successful event with the presence and backup of the other presidents, according to information from El Comercio.

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