The USA Supports Peru for Excluding Maduro from Summit


The North-American government asks for a new election calendar for the upcoming presidential elections in Venezuela.

The State Department of the United States informed on Wednesday the decision of the government to support Peru in its will to exclude Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro from the VIII Summit of the Americas.

El Comercio also explained that the United States government also asked Venezuela to submit a new election calendar, regarding the early elections to take place on April 22.

“We support Peru’s decision, as a host of the next Summit of the Americas, to withdraw their invitation to President Maduro of Venezuela”, said Heather Nauert, spokesperson of the United States diplomacy in Peru, in a statement.

Nauert also commented that the North-American government supports Grupo de Lima’s demands for a new election calendar, since the country considers that the announced presidential elections for April 22 “will lack legitimacy and credibility”, El Comercio explains.

Peru’s decision was announced last Tuesday after a five-hour meeting where Foreign Affair ministers and representatives of 12 countries of the Lima Group (Grupo de Lima) got together to discuss this matter.

Later that evening president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski announced on Twitter that Maduro is no longer welcome to the country for the summit that is scheduled for April 12.

“This VIII Summit will be a success with the presence and support of the other presidents of the Americas”, he said on Twitter, according to El Comercio.

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