Mining Waste Spillage Reported in a River in Peru


The spill was reported early Saturday morning and the area is being evaluated for damages in order to minimize the environmental impact.

The Agency for Environmental Assessment and Control (Organismo de Evaluación y Fiscalización Ambiental, OEFA) reported yesterday that about 50,000 cubic meters of mining waste contaminated a stream located in the Peruvian district of Recuay, Áncash.

Telesur TV wrote that the OEFA indicated that the waste corresponds to the Compañía Minera Lincuna S.A. belonging to the Huancapetí mine and that it reached the waters of the Sipchoc River.

“The spill was recorded during the early hours of this Saturday when members of the same company reported it to their supervisors.”, Telesur TV informed.

It is assumed that the dam suffered a breakage due to a collapse of part of its structure. “However, there is still a large amount of water on the tailings deposit”, the news site wrote yesterday.

Experts from OEFA began to evaluate the area for damages immediately, in order to take administrative measures to minimize the environmental impact.

(Cover Photo Wikimedia Commons)

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