Liquid Gas Spillage in Peruvian Jungle


The accident took place last Saturday and the nearby communities have demanded a shut down of the pipeline’s operations.

A spillage of liquid gas was reported to have taken place last weekend after a pipe broke in the Peruvian Amazon, informed the Ministry of the Environment, according to Att News.

A statement from the Agency for Environmental Assessment and Control (Organismo de Evaluación y Fiscalización Ambiental, OEFA) said that the liquid gas spillage was being supervised.

The accident took place in the Megantoni district of La Convención province, department of Cusco, OEFA said, and added that they “will take the necessary samples in the area to determine the degree of affectation and to verify the execution of the contingency plan from the company Transportadora de Gas del Perú (TGP)”.

TGP runs operations in the pipeline from the deposits in Camisea and since the spillage occurred the transport of liquid gas was stopped from the Malvinas deposit in Cusco to the
fractionation plant in Pisco.

“The spillage was reported on Saturday in the Kemariato ravine of the Megantoni district, provoking alarm among who were sailing through the river Urubamba in Cusco”, Att News informed.

The nearby communities demanded a statement from the government and the shut down of operations from the TGP company.

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