Ministry Of Education Will Change School Texts About Sexuality


After several journalistic investigations showed controversial phrases referring to sexuality in thousands of school texts and their use in public schools, the Ministry of
Education (Minedu) announced that they will replace the workbook “Reading Comprehension 5” with “Literary Anthology” and an instruction for teachers.

La República informed today that “textbooks are being improved and will be printed by 2019 with updated content and activities under the direction of Minedu”.

Some of the controversial content is considered to be conservative and restrictive about the sexual topic in the books “Reading Comprehension 5” that are being used in schools in Rímac, Cercado de Lima, and other districts.

Among the topics in the book are those of “Conserved virginity”, and “We can resist temptation”, developed by the late psychoanalyst Fernando Maestre, as methods to avoid pregnancies.

The Center for the Promotion and Defense of Sexual and Reproductive Rights (Promsex) expressed its concern about the aforementioned contents that, in its opinion, reinforce “macho stereotypes”, said La Vanguardia on Monday.

“On the other hand, Minedu said that they support the incorporation of gender equality in the school curriculum, within the framework of the judicial process that is pending decision in the Supreme Court”, wrote La República. “Our commitment is to achieve an education for all people without discrimination of any kind,” the sector said in a statement, according to this media.

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