School Year in Peru Has Officially Started


President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski summoned the Minister of Education to promote the use of tablets and computer systems to improve the education.

President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK) declared inaugurated the School Year 2018 and urged children across the country to enjoy this stage of their lives as one of the most endearing, said today Andina News Agency.

PPK, during a speech at the Juan Guerrero Quimper school of Villa María del Triunfo told the children to enjoy their school moments because they will be remembered as some of the best times of their lives when they get older.

He also informed that the government is fulfilling its obligations to improve the quality of education in Peru and asked the teachers and students to do their part in order to achieve that goal.

President Kuczynski also summoned the Minister of Education, Idel Vexler, to promote the use of tablets and computer systems so that teachers have better technological tools when teaching their classes, according to information from Andina.

“Finally, he highlighted the quality of the infrastructure of the Juan Guerrero Quimper school, considered one of the largest in the country, and that has laboratories in physics, chemistry, as well as workshops in carpentry, screen printing, among other trades.”, wrote the news agency.

At the end of his speech with the students, the President made a brief tour of the facilities of the educational center, and took some time to greet the students, teachers and parents that were present.

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