New Commercial Flights Between Peru And Finland


The Ministry of Transport and Communications of Peru reached agreements with the aeronautical authorities of Finland for the start of commercial air relations between both countries.

The agreement was made on a bilateral meeting in Lima last Tuesday, where the terms of the first Air Services Agreement that will allow airlines from Peru and Finland to start commercial passenger and cargo flights between both countries were discussed.

The airline Finnair will be the first to take this route, according to information from La República. This airline is cataloged as one of the safest in the world. It currently has 16 national and 55 international destinations.

The Director of the General Civil Aeronautics Directorate (DGAC), Juan Carlos Pavic, was representing Peru in this important meeting, while the delegation of Finland was led by the head negotiator of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of that country, Paivi Jamsa”, said the media.

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