New Inca discoveries Made Near Cusco


Several platforms related to the Inca era were found in the Chinchero archaeological park.

The Decentralized Culture Directorate of Cusco (DDC) informed today about new discoveries in the Chinchero archaeological park, located 30 minutes away from the city of Cusco.

This find took place in the Qentepata sector during the restoration labors that have been taking place in the area.

Archeologist Félix Volca explained that several platforms were found covered by dirt and grass, generated from the construction of private homes and of the construction of the Chinchero museum.

Among other finds, according to Volca, there’s an aqueduct next to a wall, probably used to distribute water for the crops, and several chambers related to the Inca era. This is the platform number 1.

On platform 2 a chamber with 2 different environments has been recovered so far, as well as remains of another wall pointing north. At the end of it, another chamber with similar characteristics is evident.

The third platform has three rectangular chambers with great dimensions that cover the entire cropping area completely. One of them had a wooden floor, and, according to its characteristics, it must have been built during colonial times.

The restoration of these platforms in Qentepata is a project that began in 2013 and should finish later this year.

Cusco is a city in Peru known as the historic capital of the country. In the era of Incas, it was the capital of their empire, and also one of the most important cities of the Virreinato del Peru, when the Spanish conquerors arrived in this continent.

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