Peru Defends China as a Good Trade Partner


Peru’s Trade Minister, Eduardo Ferreyros, defended China as a good trade partner after the United States’ Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, warned not to have an excessive reliance on economic ties with the Asian country.

According to VOA News, “Ferreyros said Peru’s 2010 trade liberalization deal with China had allowed the Andean nation of about 30 million people to post a $2.74 billion trade surplus with Beijing last year”.

The Trade Minister also believes that the Asian country is a good partner for trade and that “we’re happy with the results of the trade agreement”, he said to VOA News.

With those comments, Ferreyros announces that the Peruvian government doesn’t share Washington’s concerns about a growing Chinese influence in the region.

Tillerson had said last week that China could become a new imperial power in Latin America, “and accused it of deploying unfair trade practices”, wrote VOA News, who also explains that sine China overtook the United States as Peru’s biggest trade partner seven years ago, bilateral relations have tightened.

The bonds between China and Peru have also become stronger because of the Asian country’s appetite for Peru’s metal exports.

VOA News also points out that President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski’s first official trip abroad after taking office was to China, which is another sign of the positive relations between these two nations.

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