Peru Awarded in China “Best Destination for Tourism”


The country has been recognized for being a growing attraction for Chinese tourists.

Peru is once again being recognized internationally, this time for its tourism. During the annual ceremony “National Tourism Award” that took place recently in Beijing, China, the Inca country was granted the award for being the best cultural tourism destination in 2017, informed the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur).

This award was given by Tourism Media, one of the most influential media groups regarding tourism in China, after recognizing the growing attraction that the Peruvian culture exerts on Chinese tourists.

According to Radio Nacional “this award comes from the product of hard work from Peru’s commercial offices in China (Beijing, Shanghái, and recently Hong Kong), in coordination with Peru’s Promotion Commission for Export and Tourism (Promperú), and with the backup of Peru’s embassy in the Asian country”.

During the year 2017, more travel agencies, specialized media, and organisms related to tourism in Beijing have recognized the tourist attributes in Peru, says Radio Nacional. This is also thanks to the labors done by Promperú and OCEX Beijing, Peru’s commercial office in China’s capital city.

Some of the activities that have taken place in China to promote tourism in Peru are press conferences for Peruvian travel agencies, focused in the segment of luxury and personalized trips; and training for the main travel agencies in the north of China.

Promperú’s website has information about traveling to the country from China. People can learn about visas, health, and safety measures to take, traffic, and data about what to visit in Peru.

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