The United States Recognizes Growing Leadership in Peru


The Secretary of State of the United States of America, Rex Tillerson, alongside Cayetana Aljovín, Peru’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, declared that both countries have a long-term relationship, that is funded, basically, in shared democratic and prosperity values.

According to information from El Peruano, “a few days ago was the ninth anniversary of the Peru-United States Commercial Promotion Agreement (ACP)”, that is the base of the bilateral relations, said Tillerson.

The Secretary of State also said that thanks to that agreement, trade has increased among both countries. “From more than 9,000 million dollars in 2009, it has become 14,3000 million dollars in 2016. We’re talking about almost a 60% increase”, he explained.

He also mentioned that during his meeting with Aljovín took place an exchange of ideas for the fight against transnational criminal organizations. To Tillerson this is a topic that affects every country in the continent and he assures that, for that reason, the United States searches to establish networks to fight them.

“The United States wants to work alongside Peru to fight against crimes such as drugs, people, and weapon trafficking”, said the Secretary of State to El Peruano. He also recognized the growing leadership in the Latin American country and the efforts Peru makes in the fight against drug trafficking.

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