How Is Peru’s Minimum Wage Compared to Latin America?


The Inca country is in seventh place, regarding the minimum wage in the region.

President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski said on Wednesday that he asked the Labor Minister, Javier Barreda, to convoke the National Work Council to evaluate an increase in the minimum wage in Peru, which has generated large expectations among the citizens, said La República.

Currently, the minimum wage in Peru is about 850 Soles (around 270 US dollars). So, how is this salary doing compared to the rest of Latin America?

The first place is occupied by Argentina with a minimum wage of 498 dollars. This amount will be increased this year in July to 530 US dollars, which equals to around 10,000 pesos.

Then, there is Uruguay with a minimum monthly wage of 13,340 pesos, which is about 470 dollars. The third place is for Chile, where people make 276,000 pesos as a minimum wage (around 455.4 US dollars).

The list has Ecuador in fourth place. “By the end of December, president Lenín Moreno announced a minimum salary of 391 dollars”, explained La República. Paraguay is next with a minimum wage of 371 dollars since June, which will be increased later this year.

Sixth place is for Brazil with 325 dollars in minimum income. Peru follows with 270 dollars, and then Colombia with 265 dollars per month.

Last on this list is Venezuela who pays 248,510 bolívares that at the official exchange this amount equals 74 dollars. If compared to the unofficial exchange it equals around 1.12 US dollars.

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